Pompy tłokowe a łopatkowe Hydraut

Pompy tłokowe a łopatkowe Hydraut

Axial piston pumps, fixed vane pumps and motors from company Hydraut.

Our company has acquired official representation of Hydraut. (axial piston and fixed vane pumps and hydraulic motors) It's a quality equivalent for brands Rexroth, Vickers, Denison, Catepilar etc., with short delivery times and good price level.


We offer the equivalent of the axial piston pumps Rexroth A10VSO and A10VO, pumps, Vickers PVQ and PVB, PV pumps Denison.


The equivalent of vane pumps Vickers type V and VQ, Vickers series V10, V20, V1020, A2020 and the vane motors series M.


More information can be found in the products section.http://yuken.cz.uwv.cz/en/products/piston-pumps