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YUKEN - proportional valves ELDFHG-04/06EH (OBE)

YUKEN - proportional valves ELDFHG-04/06EH (OBE)

New series high response proportional electro-hydraulic directional and flow control valve  ELDFHG-04/06EH with OBE. (On Board Electronics)

We are pleased to announce the release of high flow rate and two stage type valves as an addition to our highly appreciated product.

  • Simple operation and userfriendliness
  • High accuracy
  • Safety and reliability
  • ELDFHG-04EH-280 (Cetop 7, max. 280L/min, max. 350Bar)
  • ELDFHG-06EH-350 (Cetop 7, max. 350L/min, max. 350Bar)
  • ELDFHG-06EH-500 (Cetop 8, max. 500L/min, max. 315Bar)


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