YUKEN - piston pumps

YUKEN - piston pumps

New series of variable displacement  axial piston pumps A3HG from YUKEN.

New series of variable displacement piston pumps A3HG from YUKEN (European models) are compatible with ISO 3019-2. Standard models are available with keyed or splined shaft end.


The through drive allows for multiple pump installation with a pump on the drive side and another pump with up to the same capacity as the other pump on the non-drive side. All pumps meeting international standards can be used on the non-drive side


A3HG series pumps feature higher rated pressure design (350 Bar). They can be used as pumps capable of handling moderate to high loads in a wide range of applications. Geometric Displacement 16cm3/rev till 180cm3/rev.


A3HG are available with pressure compensator type, Pilot pressure control type pressure compensator, constant power (torque) control type with external pilot, load sensing type. 


More detailed information and catalogs can be found in the products. http://yuken.cz.uwv.cz/en/products/piston-pumps/a3hg-series