Logic Valves

Yuken logic valves comprise cartridge typed elements and covers with pilot passages. Various types may be combined for direction, flow rate and pressure control.
Yuken Logic Valves can be incorporated in manifold blocks to form optimum integrated hydraulic circuits and compact hydraulic power units. Being a poppet type, the elements permit high-pressure, high flow rates, high speed and shockless shifting with low pressure drop. Typical applications include steel mill machines, injection moulding machines, machine tools and so on. In addition, Yuken Logic Valves cavity specifications conform to ISO standards.

● Multifunction performance in terms of direction, flow and pressure can be obtained by combining elements and covers.
● Poppet-type elements virtually eliminate internal leakage and hydraulic locking. Because there are no overlaps, response times are very high, permitting high-speed shifting.
● For high pressure, large capacity systems, optimum performance is achieved with low pressure losses.
● Since the logic valves are directly incorporated in cavities provided in blocks, the system is free from problems related to piping such as oil leakage, vibration and noise, and higher reliability is achieved.
● Multi-function logic valves permit compact integrated hydraulic
systems which reduce manifold dimensions and mass and achieve lower cost conventional types.