YUKEN - proportional valves

YUKEN - proportional valves

New series of proportional electrohydraulic directional valves ELDFG-01/03EH with OBE (on board electronics)

We are pleased to announce the release of EH series direct operated proportional electro-hydraulic directional and flow control valves ELDFG-01/03EH.

Two direct type models with a maximum rated flow rate up to 80 L/min (@ΔP = 1 MPa) are available. The addition of OBE to the well-received ELDFG series valves for simplified wiring offers simple operation and userfriendliness. With closed loop control based on a combination of newly developed compact, powerful solenoids and a LVDT for spool position detection, the valves provide high response, high accuracy, and high reliability equivalent to those of simple servo valves.


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