Deceleration & Check Valves ZT(G)/ZCT(G)

These valves ZT(G)/ZCT(G) are available either with or without an integral check valve which allows free reverse flow. Flow rate through the valve is regulated by the movement of the spool, which is operated by a cam. When the spool is depressed, the flow is decreased in Normally Open type valves and increased in Normally Closed type valves. Their principal use is to control the speed of actuators in machine tools and similar applications.

YUKEN Type (threaded connect.) YUKEN Type (subplate mounting) Max. flow (L/min) Max. pressure (Bar) Weight (kg)
ZT-03 ZG-03 30 210 4,3
ZT-06 ZG-06 80 210 8,7
ZT-10 ZG-10 200 210 17
ZCT-03 ZCG-03 30 210 4,3
ZCT-06 ZCG-06 80 210 8,7
ZCT-10 ZCG-10 200 210 17


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Deceleration & Check Valves ZT(G)/ZCT(G)

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